Mannequin head YZ-104H

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Mannequin head YZ-104H

Mannequin head YZ-104H


1.Human-like looking
2.Life-size head & bust
3.Camarel/Brown/African American skin color
4.Quality realistic hazel glass eyes
5.Realistic bust, eyelashes and ears
6.Chic modern make-up
7.Shining and sexy lips
8.Pieced ears for ear rings
9.Quality fiber-glass construction


Head-Circumference: 21.5′

Increase your sales rapaidly no doubt!

This beautiful mannequin heads or mannequin bust is designed by our skilled sculptors and constructed from quality fiberglass. It is made as our clients requirements, with realistic celebrity looking and ears, realistic real-human makeups and of course real human size. The eyes and eyelashes are all hand-made well. Best for display lace front wigs, scarves, hats, sunglasses, jewellery etc, spcecially for valuable tiems. Just like a real celebrity sanding there show your sellings. People will be amazing at the items you displayed on it.

Make your shop valuable and brand!

One case is make your shop valuable and brand. If you put this quality realistic mannequin head in your shop, people will see your shop is great taste and noble. Definitely they will like to come and buy more from your shop. Just as you see, no body want to buy one quality lace wig displaying on a bad looking mannequin head. Even yourself, just think it from your customers, you will get the idea.

Catch your customers’ eye in first time!

Even you only have do e-business, our realistic mannequin heads will help you greatly. Just imagine how do you like people to see your sellings are, or what impression you want to give to your customers? No doubt you want it best. As we know the first impression is most important. Catch your customers’ eye in first time and your business has an half success. Plus your good service and so on, it is deal finished.

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